By Mark Latham

For more than 30 years I’ve fought for Australians, as a political leader and a media commentator. You know me: I tell it like it is, and I love our country with all my heart.

I love a good debate. But these days, if you say something that certain people don’t like, they won’t debate you. They’ll sue you.

They’ll slap you with a nuisance suit, just to shut you up, to make you afraid to speak out. It’s called lawfare, and it’s come to Australia, big-time. I know. Because it’s happened to me — twice now. And I really need your help.

I have been sued for defamation twice, in 2018 and 2019 – attempts to stifle my voice and examples of the sad state of defamation laws in Australia. Most recently I was sued in relation to a tweet I made about a student charged by police with a terrorism-related offence – a tweet that I made out of concern for our public safety. The charges were widely reported by other journalists; but for some reason I was the only sued, even though I apologized once I heard the charges were dropped.

These people are trying to bankrupt me to drive me out of parliament. The action was announced just days before the NSW election. This is nasty politics being played, right through this year.

So I need your help to cover my legal fees.

Some people think this will wear me out, take up all my time, and make me lose my fighting spirit. I promise that won’t happen. I’ll keep fighting for Australia and free speech. But I need help with the lawfare.

Can you please help me? If you click donate below you can make a secure online donation. You know how I hate to ask for money, but I really do need your help — this is one part of the fight I can’t do alone. Whether you can chip in $5 or $500, it’s all very much appreciate.

Yours gratefully,
Mark Latham

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